Keep Your Kids Healthy: Get Them Flu Shots

This week in class we created infographics in relation to our blog theme. The goal of the assignment was to be able to tell a compelling story from the beginning of our infographics to the end. Along with telling a story through the use of graphics, the infographic also had a persuasive call to action at the bottom to convince readers to follow through with the objective in my infographic.

My blog is health and wellness related and covers various different topics surrounding it. Due to the fact that it has been one of the deadliest flu seasons in years, I have now written two blog posts regarding the flu and the importance of getting a flu shot. The infographic that I created focuses specifically on children because they are more at risk than most other people.

This assignment was difficult for me because I do not see myself as a super creative person and have never really done any graphic design but I used the website, which made the process a bit easier since they have templates that you can use to create an infographic.

I titled the infographic “Why You Should Get Your Child A Flu Shot” and focused on data and statistics regarding children and the flu. I did not have any trouble finding information for the infographic. I found the majority of the data that I used from The CDC  and put it in order so that it somewhat told a story.

The graphic starts with a bar chart that shows the huge spike in children’s deaths from the flu in 2018. The spike is very dramatic and shows how many children have died from influenza, just this year. Next, I put a pie chart that shows that 80% of the flu deaths mentioned above occur in children who were not vaccinated. This is a huge number and because it is represented in a pie chart, it is shocking to the eye.

After the charts and graphs, I used little people figures to demonstrate again that a shocking number of deaths come from those who were not vaccinated. At the bottom, I added three percentages that prove the effectiveness of flu shots in fighting against it. These percentages are meant to persuade parents to go out and get their kids’ flu shots.

I did add a Walgreens logo at the very bottom of the page because they do flu shots so I thought it would be a great call to action at the bottom to get people to Walgreens to get their kids flu shots.

This assignment was completely overwhelming in the beginning, but I am glad that I accomplished it and got it done. Although it isn’t perfect, I am not a graphic designer nor am I trying to be but with that being said I do think it conveys the message, which is the importance of vaccinating your children.

Infographic that I created:

Walgreens (flu shot) Infographic.jpg


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