Code Of Ethics

I have looked at many different bloggers code of ethics to come up with my list of my own code of ethics. These are all inspired by the the blog Mor10, but I have changed a few things in order to make them more relatable to who I am and what I want to present on my blog.

My Code of Ethics:

1. Admit to your mistakes and correct them early on and let readers know you did so

2. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, both the blogger and the readers/commenters

3. But when you have an opinion, present it as an opinion so everyone know it is an opinion

4. Tell the truth at all times, even when you may not want to as it will create trust between blogger and reader

5. Be transparent to your readers about everything that you feel comfortable being transparent about

6. Always give credit to the person who inspired you, who you borrowed work from etc.

7. Show your sources on your blog so others can check out the information on their own time

8. Be critical of what you post, but not too critical where you end up not posting anything


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