Pets: The Newest Form Of Therapy

In recent months, the topic of mental health has been talked about more than it ever has before. With nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffering from mental illness, it has become important to converse about this issue and the treatments that could help the many people suffering.

With mental illness becoming more of a normal conversation, many people have come forward to speak their truths about the mental illness that they suffer through on a daily basis and what they do to help maintain it. This has helped to create an open conversation about the importance of understanding mental health, how many people actually suffer from it and the many different kinds of help one can get in order to gain a new perspective on life.


While there are many different things that could benefit one’s mental health, studies have found that pets are a huge benefit for people living with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or post traumatic stress disorder. The study found that having a pet offered people suffering from mental illness a sense of security, stability and meaning, which are attributes those suffering from mental illness often don’t feel from other people.


Not only do pets comfort their owners in times of need, but they also help to force their owners outdoors for physical activity and social interaction. This is important for someone suffering from any type of mental illness as they might not enjoy going outdoors and interacting with others on a daily basis. The responsibility to take their pets outside for exercise will in turn help the owner to exercise and release endorphins that could help make their day a more positive one than it was before going outside.

Pets help their owners feel less lonely and isolated, they give the owner’s purpose, reduce their stress and always love unconditionally. These are all attributes that everyone, whether your suffering from mental illness or not, wants and deserves in life. Due to studies being published about the benefits of pets, more and more people are turning to the cute four-legged creatures for help dealing with their mental illness.


While there are other forms of treatment one can get for suffering with a mental illness, the gift of a pet has proven to be the greatest gift of all for many. The bond that is created between pet and owner is inexplainable as they travel through life together, love one another unconditionally and listen to each other on a daily basis. While it is beneficial for the owner, it is also beneficial for the animal as they get to become part of a loving home.


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