Best PR Agencies for Health & Wellness Enthusiasts

With health and wellness becoming more of a priority for many people, PR agencies have also followed suit by creating firms that focus on certain avenues, such as health, fitness and wellness. While there are many PR agencies that have a focus on health and wellness, there are a few that are becoming well-known for their work in the industry.

Here are a few of the top health and wellness PR agencies in the US:

Dunn Pellier Media, Inc.  a Los Angeles based premier PR agency with a focus on health, wellness, fitness and beauty. With their passion for health, they have helped companies such as Orange Theory Fitness to spread their message in organic ways. Because they have built strong relationships on both the television and editorial side, Dunn Pellier Media has made a name for itself as a top agency for health and wellness.


5W Public Relations is a top PR agency in New York City that is expert in the health and wellness industry. While the agency works in many different areas of PR, their focus on health and wellness has gotten them noticed due to their work with clients such as Medifast. There are not many other agencies that have a reach in the health and wellness world and are able to communicate directly with physicians, plastic surgeons, urgent care centers and psychologists. These communications and connections to the health and wellness world make 5W PR one of the best agencies in the US.



Gold PR is a California based public relations agency that has won numerous awards for being a firm trusted by large brands across the world. Gold PR has a focus on data-driven public relations, which in turn helps to deliver results to well-known heath and wellness brands. While they do work with companies across the world, they are somewhat of a smaller, boutique firm than the others mentioned above are.


HealthWell PR‘s focus is on communication for the mind body and soul. The health and wellness based PR agency out of Los Angeles, California has worked with many well-known brands such as Safeway, The American Heart Association, Nature Made and many more. While they not only have worked with huge brands, they have also gotten those brands placements in huge publications such as Health Magazine, CNN, Forbes, Self and many others. The placements, testimonials and clients that HealthWell PR has acquired have helped it to become one of the well-known health and wellness PR agencies.


While there are still many other PR agencies out there, these are some of the top agencies that I found that were focused on health, wellness and fitness. While most of them are bigger agencies, one of them is a small boutique agency that still does great work. Doing research on thdifferent agencies and coming up with this list was also helpful for me as I start to think about which direction I would like to head in terms of my professional PR career.



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