Protection in Pyeongchang

While there is all sorts of record setting going on in Pyeongchang, South Korea for the winter Olympics, it was the record amount of free condoms provided to athletes that has been blowing people away.

Pyeongchang is currently hosting 2,925 athletes from over 90 different countries for the 2018 winter Olympics. This is only the second Olympics to be held in South Korea and the first winter Olympics to ever be held in that region. Almost thirty years ago, in 1988, Seoul held the summer Olympics and it wasactually the first Olympics where officials reported the number of condoms handed out to athletes.


They handed out only 8,500 condoms in 1988 and every Olympics since then, the number has gradually increased to become a huge amount of condoms handed out. This year the Olympians received 100,000 condoms, a number which broke the record for the most condoms ever at a winter Olympics.

After breaking down how many athletes there are in comparison to the huge amount of condoms, I found that each athlete has about 37 condoms for themselves which are available at the Olympic Village, press rooms and stadiums.


The distribution of condoms began in 1988 as the HIV/AIDS epidemic was in full force and Olympic officials were trying to help prevent the spread of these diseases. In an effort to help keep athletes healthy while also acknowledging the fun they may have while at the Olympics, officials have continued to distribute increasingly more condoms as the years go by.

While having sex at the Olympics is not anything new, the dating apps, such as Tinder that are invading the Olympic village are pretty new to the scene. With thousands of athletes in tight quarters, all meeting for the first time, after training for years, they are bound to have some fun with each other and hell they deserve it.


While this may have been a public health related issue back in 1988, I can also look at it through a PR lens and see that the efforts to provide protection for athletes built a mutual beneficial relationship between the athletes, public health officials, olympic officials and even the condom companies that donate the condoms for the athletes, which in turn makes everybody happy to be at the Olympics or even just providing condoms for Olympians.



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