Everyone Deserves To Thrive

A new online marketplace for natural and organic snacks offered at lower costs. Yet Thrive Market is much more than just that.

Founded in 2015, Thrive Market aims to offer better for you snacks through e-commerce as well as an ability to give back to low income families, teachers, veterans and students. The online marketplace offers a deal so that each new membership added to Thrive Market equals a membership that you are able to give to someone in need.


Since their mission is to make healthy living easier and cheaper for everyone, they  give back to those who may not have access to healthier options, as every year, 80% of low income families buy food they know isn’t healthy in order to make ends meet for their families.

Featured in an article on start-ups giving back, Thrive Market has made a name for itself in terms of corporate social responsibility as the two-year-old company’s reputation for giving back has gotten a good amount of media coverage and has helped to form the positive identity of Thrive as a whole.

Although Thrive Market is a for profit company, they work with non-profits such as Feeding America in order to distribute the free memberships to families and individuals that they already serve through Feeding America. This gives those with little to no access to healthy and natural foods, an opportunity to be a member and in turn receive healthy foods.


The corporate social responsibility exemplified by Thrive Market is one that many companies should follow. It’s core mission is to give back to communities through memberships and healthy food, but it is much more than that as it is engrained in the company’s identity.

While many companies use corporate social responsibility to create a good reputation for themselves, Thrive Market does it because the founders knew the importance of living healthy and know how hard it can be for some, but they also knew it shouldn’t be that hard, which is why they created a company that gives back without asking questions.




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