The Silent Killer

53 children have died in the past few months.

The flu has hit the United States with its deadliest bout yet. What starts as common cold symptoms quickly turns to fever, chills, muscle aches and fatigue leading many to check in to hospitals to help relieve the suffering.

While the flu usually impacts the elderly people the most, this season has proved to be a bit different as the amount of children diagnosed with the flu strain has skyrocketed. This increase in illnesses in children has lead many to be hospitalized for their symptoms in hopes of making a quick recovery.

Flu shots have been available for months, yet many have not gotten theirs due to various reasons, personal or not. Although the flu shot will not prevent you from getting the flu entirely, it will lessen the symptoms if one has had the flu shot.


Photo by NRC

With the spread of germs running rampant in public areas, it is smart for employers to talk with their employees about the importance of getting the flu shot for the well-being of the office as a whole.

While your boss cannot force you to get a flu shot, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends that employers promote the vaccination, highly encourage any sick workers to stay home and rest and keep a clean environment in order to keep the office space clear of the deadly flu.


Photo by Dan Taylor-Watt

Since this flu season turned deadly, it is highly important for people everywhere to be aware of the germs they carry that could possibly spread to others that have not gotten the flu shot.

While it is important to keep a business running, it far more important and part of one’s corporate responsibility to keep employees healthy during the deadly flu season months by promoting healthy habits, such as getting a flu shot that could prevent a future death.


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