Wellness In The Workplace

As health and wellness have recently come to the forefront of many people’s lives, it is equally important to talk about it in terms of work. Most people work Monday through Friday from 9-5, which leaves them little to no time to focus on themselves and their health, whether it be mental or physical. With stressful 40 hour work weeks, health and wellness quickly gets put on the back burner for many and is often forgotten.

This combination of working extremely hard and not taking care of yourself can lead to a multitude of problems, with mental health issues at the forefront. In recent years, the topic of mental health has been brought up more often as we start to get comfortable discussing the nationwide issue. Even employers have begun converse with their staff about it as they see that many of their own employers deal with mental health issues on a daily basis.

While the wellness industry is growing, the corporate workplace wellness industry is growing even more as these conversations about health and wellness have become more open. Not only is it important that one’s staff is healthy and well for their daily tasks, but it is also important for the company to have strong, healthy individuals on its team who know how to take care of themselves as the employers publicly represent the brand and everything it entails.


It is important for employers to break the stigmas surrounding mental health and create conversations with their staff in order to create a work environment that strives off of the mental well-being of the individuals working because if they are not at their full potential, it is the company’s public image that will suffer. These conversations have changed the way employers handle issues such as mental health and wellness as they are now tackling them head on.

Many have implemented mental health programs into the workplace in order to not only kick the stigma, but also to ensure that their employees feel as comfortable as possible at work and with themselves. These programs prove to be essential for companies combatting these issues as they not only put employees and employers at ease, but they also send a positive message to the public.

In regards to a company’s public image, it has recently become extremely important for businesses and companies to openly discuss mental health and the wellness programs they offer their staff as it has become such as common conversation in the real world.  These conversations show the public that this specific company is taking mental health seriously and offering programs that will help employees in their journey of health and wellness, which in turn will lead to a more successful company.




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