The Future of Grocery Shopping

This past Monday hundreds of people lined up on a sidewalk in Seattle, Washington in order to experience the new Amazon Go store. The Amazon Go Store is supposedly the newest, most convenient way of shopping as the Seattle company took the check outs and cashiers away and is now relying on technology and video surveillance to change the landscape of grocery shopping.

While this is the first Amazon Go store to go public, many have been wondering whether Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods will change the way in which Whole Foods stores operate. This has left many people worried that Amazon’s new technology for grocery shopping will replace cashiers’ jobs as everything moves from human to automation.


Whole Foods has earned their positive reputation through selling high quality and healthy foods while also maintaining their core values in an effort to provide sustainable products to everyone. The attention to detail and extra effort seen in Whole Foods stores contributes to this positive image it has etched for itself. Not only do the cashiers tend to be good looking and extremely kind, but Whole Foods also has experts in certain areas, such as cheese and wine.

If these Whole Foods employees get replaced by automation, the stores could end up losing their hard earned reputation as the attention to detail and efforts made by the Whole Foods human employees begin to diminish and get replaced with non-human efforts. While Amazon Go may be a successful automated store, Whole Foods runs the risk of ruining their public image if they go automated due the importance of the employees to the shoppers, such as having a cheese and wine expert to help shop for a night in.




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