Should Teens Be on Weight Watchers?

A few weeks back, on February 8th, Weight Watchers announced its new marketing campaign to the public. The campaign they announced offered their Weight Watchers program for free for six weeks during the summer, specifically for teens as young as 13 years old.

With celebrity endorsements from people such as Oprah Winfrey, DJ Khaled and many more, the company is aiming to use the powerful influence of these celebrities to encourage teens to join the program. Not only are they using powerful figures to encourage teens to join, they are also sending a message that “some bodies are problems and if you’re at a higher weight, your body needs to be fixed.”


This immediately sparked outrage in the media and especially on Twitter where people showed their anger for the company and for the celebrities who endorse the company. Balance , an eating disorder treatment facility immediately started a hashtag #wakeupweightwatchers which quickly became trending in the US. Many are worried that instead of promoting health, the new weightwatchers program for teens will promote them to engage in eating disorder behaviors.

In an LA Times article multiplewoman came forward to tell about their experiences using weight watchers as adults and as teens. The responses they gave are all extremely negative as they recall the “diet” that led them to spiral out of control and turn to unhealthy habits to lose the weight, which they quickly gained back anyways.


With the huge amount of backlash it received, Weight Watchers did finally put out a statement on its Weight Watcher’s Twitter account. The statement read that they hear the complaints from the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) and they take their “responsibility seriously.” They went on to acknowledge that teen years are critical and they will be providing a program that helps them to lead healthier habits, “not a diet.” The last sentence of the Tweet goes on to say that they will continue to be in contact with healthcare professionals in order to launch the program this summer.

This is the only response that Weight Watchers has put out since they announced this new campaign and people are not pleased with their response. They acknowledged that people see this campaign as an issue yet they did not really address that issue besides saying they will keep in contact with health officials. On top of that, none of the brand ambassadors have come forward to respond to anything, which has caused outrage. Many were surprised that Oprah Winfrey not only backed this campaign, but has also not commented on the aftermath.tape-fork-diet-health-53416.jpeg

The announcement of this new Weight Watchers Teen program created a media firestorm for the company and has caused many to turn their backs on it and the celebrities who endorse it. Although they put a statement out on Twitter, they did not respond in the way many were hoping. This new campaign brought a lot of negative attention to the company and I can almost guarantee that it is not over yet.


Code Of Ethics

I have looked at many different bloggers code of ethics to come up with my list of my own code of ethics. These are all inspired by the the blog Mor10, but I have changed a few things in order to make them more relatable to who I am and what I want to present on my blog.

My Code of Ethics:

1. Admit to your mistakes and correct them early on and let readers know you did so

2. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, both the blogger and the readers/commenters

3. But when you have an opinion, present it as an opinion so everyone know it is an opinion

4. Tell the truth at all times, even when you may not want to as it will create trust between blogger and reader

5. Be transparent to your readers about everything that you feel comfortable being transparent about

6. Always give credit to the person who inspired you, who you borrowed work from etc.

7. Show your sources on your blog so others can check out the information on their own time

8. Be critical of what you post, but not too critical where you end up not posting anything


Keep Your Kids Healthy: Get Them Flu Shots

This week in class we created infographics in relation to our blog theme. The goal of the assignment was to be able to tell a compelling story from the beginning of our infographics to the end. Along with telling a story through the use of graphics, the infographic also had a persuasive call to action at the bottom to convince readers to follow through with the objective in my infographic.

My blog is health and wellness related and covers various different topics surrounding it. Due to the fact that it has been one of the deadliest flu seasons in years, I have now written two blog posts regarding the flu and the importance of getting a flu shot. The infographic that I created focuses specifically on children because they are more at risk than most other people.

This assignment was difficult for me because I do not see myself as a super creative person and have never really done any graphic design but I used the website, which made the process a bit easier since they have templates that you can use to create an infographic.

I titled the infographic “Why You Should Get Your Child A Flu Shot” and focused on data and statistics regarding children and the flu. I did not have any trouble finding information for the infographic. I found the majority of the data that I used from The CDC  and put it in order so that it somewhat told a story.

The graphic starts with a bar chart that shows the huge spike in children’s deaths from the flu in 2018. The spike is very dramatic and shows how many children have died from influenza, just this year. Next, I put a pie chart that shows that 80% of the flu deaths mentioned above occur in children who were not vaccinated. This is a huge number and because it is represented in a pie chart, it is shocking to the eye.

After the charts and graphs, I used little people figures to demonstrate again that a shocking number of deaths come from those who were not vaccinated. At the bottom, I added three percentages that prove the effectiveness of flu shots in fighting against it. These percentages are meant to persuade parents to go out and get their kids’ flu shots.

I did add a Walgreens logo at the very bottom of the page because they do flu shots so I thought it would be a great call to action at the bottom to get people to Walgreens to get their kids flu shots.

This assignment was completely overwhelming in the beginning, but I am glad that I accomplished it and got it done. Although it isn’t perfect, I am not a graphic designer nor am I trying to be but with that being said I do think it conveys the message, which is the importance of vaccinating your children.

Infographic that I created:

Walgreens (flu shot) Infographic.jpg

Best PR Agencies for Health & Wellness Enthusiasts

With health and wellness becoming more of a priority for many people, PR agencies have also followed suit by creating firms that focus on certain avenues, such as health, fitness and wellness. While there are many PR agencies that have a focus on health and wellness, there are a few that are becoming well-known for their work in the industry.

Here are a few of the top health and wellness PR agencies in the US:

Dunn Pellier Media, Inc.  a Los Angeles based premier PR agency with a focus on health, wellness, fitness and beauty. With their passion for health, they have helped companies such as Orange Theory Fitness to spread their message in organic ways. Because they have built strong relationships on both the television and editorial side, Dunn Pellier Media has made a name for itself as a top agency for health and wellness.


5W Public Relations is a top PR agency in New York City that is expert in the health and wellness industry. While the agency works in many different areas of PR, their focus on health and wellness has gotten them noticed due to their work with clients such as Medifast. There are not many other agencies that have a reach in the health and wellness world and are able to communicate directly with physicians, plastic surgeons, urgent care centers and psychologists. These communications and connections to the health and wellness world make 5W PR one of the best agencies in the US.



Gold PR is a California based public relations agency that has won numerous awards for being a firm trusted by large brands across the world. Gold PR has a focus on data-driven public relations, which in turn helps to deliver results to well-known heath and wellness brands. While they do work with companies across the world, they are somewhat of a smaller, boutique firm than the others mentioned above are.


HealthWell PR‘s focus is on communication for the mind body and soul. The health and wellness based PR agency out of Los Angeles, California has worked with many well-known brands such as Safeway, The American Heart Association, Nature Made and many more. While they not only have worked with huge brands, they have also gotten those brands placements in huge publications such as Health Magazine, CNN, Forbes, Self and many others. The placements, testimonials and clients that HealthWell PR has acquired have helped it to become one of the well-known health and wellness PR agencies.


While there are still many other PR agencies out there, these are some of the top agencies that I found that were focused on health, wellness and fitness. While most of them are bigger agencies, one of them is a small boutique agency that still does great work. Doing research on thdifferent agencies and coming up with this list was also helpful for me as I start to think about which direction I would like to head in terms of my professional PR career.


Pets: The Newest Form Of Therapy

In recent months, the topic of mental health has been talked about more than it ever has before. With nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffering from mental illness, it has become important to converse about this issue and the treatments that could help the many people suffering.

With mental illness becoming more of a normal conversation, many people have come forward to speak their truths about the mental illness that they suffer through on a daily basis and what they do to help maintain it. This has helped to create an open conversation about the importance of understanding mental health, how many people actually suffer from it and the many different kinds of help one can get in order to gain a new perspective on life.


While there are many different things that could benefit one’s mental health, studies have found that pets are a huge benefit for people living with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or post traumatic stress disorder. The study found that having a pet offered people suffering from mental illness a sense of security, stability and meaning, which are attributes those suffering from mental illness often don’t feel from other people.


Not only do pets comfort their owners in times of need, but they also help to force their owners outdoors for physical activity and social interaction. This is important for someone suffering from any type of mental illness as they might not enjoy going outdoors and interacting with others on a daily basis. The responsibility to take their pets outside for exercise will in turn help the owner to exercise and release endorphins that could help make their day a more positive one than it was before going outside.

Pets help their owners feel less lonely and isolated, they give the owner’s purpose, reduce their stress and always love unconditionally. These are all attributes that everyone, whether your suffering from mental illness or not, wants and deserves in life. Due to studies being published about the benefits of pets, more and more people are turning to the cute four-legged creatures for help dealing with their mental illness.


While there are other forms of treatment one can get for suffering with a mental illness, the gift of a pet has proven to be the greatest gift of all for many. The bond that is created between pet and owner is inexplainable as they travel through life together, love one another unconditionally and listen to each other on a daily basis. While it is beneficial for the owner, it is also beneficial for the animal as they get to become part of a loving home.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

1. Walk or ride your bike everywhere! Even if you have a car at college, walk to class, to get groceries, to your friends. It will make a difference in the long run and gives you more time to enjoy the outdoors.pexels-photo-310983.jpeg

2. Drink more water than you think you need to. It is so easy to become dehydrated, which leads to not feeling great so instead of soda or juice, drink water and you’ll feel the difference it makes in your body.


3. Don’t go out more than two nights a week. You will notice the wear and tear on your mind and body if you go out multiple nights a week, especially if its 3 days in a row. The lack of sleep on top of the sugary and unhealthy drinks will show negative effects on your body right away.




4. If you do go out, try to avoid sugary drinks or drinks with soda pop in them as they contain high amounts of sugar which will make you feel ill the next day. Instead of a Sprite with vodka, go for a vodka with club soda and a lime, you will notice a difference.


5. Take advantage of the huge gym provided by your University as it is included in your tuition and fees. Use it to your advantage because soon enough, you will have to pay a monthly fee to workout at a place such as the UO gym. 


6. Join an intramural team, such as soccer, frisbee or flag football. The options are endless. It is not only a great way to exercise but its also a great way to meet friends and have some fun while doing an activity you enjoy.


7. Take advantage of Oregon’s beautiful outdoors by going on hikes in the Eugene area such as Spencer’s Butte, Hendricks Park, Alton Baker and so much more. Take a friend and hike up Spencer’s Butte to enjoy the sunset.


8. Cook your own food. It is so common to eat out a lot when your a college student as it is sometimes the quickest and easiest option, but cooking at home is cheaper and healthier as you are aware of exactly what your cooking and what is going into your body.


9. Get more sleep than you think you need. It is recommended that college aged women should get well over 8 hours of sleep. It is essential to your mind and body that you get enough sleep as it will help you to better function throughout the day.


10. Have fun. This is college. It is only four years of our life and we are meant to enjoy it. Don’t get too caught up in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you forget to have fun. The long nights out, cold leftover pizza and sleepless nights will all be worth it in the end.


Protection in Pyeongchang

While there is all sorts of record setting going on in Pyeongchang, South Korea for the winter Olympics, it was the record amount of free condoms provided to athletes that has been blowing people away.

Pyeongchang is currently hosting 2,925 athletes from over 90 different countries for the 2018 winter Olympics. This is only the second Olympics to be held in South Korea and the first winter Olympics to ever be held in that region. Almost thirty years ago, in 1988, Seoul held the summer Olympics and it wasactually the first Olympics where officials reported the number of condoms handed out to athletes.


They handed out only 8,500 condoms in 1988 and every Olympics since then, the number has gradually increased to become a huge amount of condoms handed out. This year the Olympians received 100,000 condoms, a number which broke the record for the most condoms ever at a winter Olympics.

After breaking down how many athletes there are in comparison to the huge amount of condoms, I found that each athlete has about 37 condoms for themselves which are available at the Olympic Village, press rooms and stadiums.


The distribution of condoms began in 1988 as the HIV/AIDS epidemic was in full force and Olympic officials were trying to help prevent the spread of these diseases. In an effort to help keep athletes healthy while also acknowledging the fun they may have while at the Olympics, officials have continued to distribute increasingly more condoms as the years go by.

While having sex at the Olympics is not anything new, the dating apps, such as Tinder that are invading the Olympic village are pretty new to the scene. With thousands of athletes in tight quarters, all meeting for the first time, after training for years, they are bound to have some fun with each other and hell they deserve it.


While this may have been a public health related issue back in 1988, I can also look at it through a PR lens and see that the efforts to provide protection for athletes built a mutual beneficial relationship between the athletes, public health officials, olympic officials and even the condom companies that donate the condoms for the athletes, which in turn makes everybody happy to be at the Olympics or even just providing condoms for Olympians.